Les Indes galantes


After revolutionizing the lyrical tragedy with Hippolyte and Aricie, Rameau renews with Les Indes galantes the genre of opera-ballet lulliste with a new opera architecture by presenting a series of paintings with independent themes and treated on different modes: dramatic for Le Turc Généreux, tragic for The Incas of Peru and comical for The Savages. The play was a phenomenal success and was shown no less than 320 times at the Académie Royale in Paris.

Among the 15 versions written by Rameau, we chose the 1761 version which includes the prologue followed by the 3 entries: The Generous Turk, The Incas of Peru and The Savages. The generous Turk opens with a surge of wild passions, dominated by the scene of the storm, a great choral symphony descriptive of extreme beauty. In The Incas of Peru, rich in remarkable pages, the description of the Earthquake until the incredible sinking of the High Priest in the infernal dens reaches heights. In the last entry, Les Sauvages, the orchestration of the dance of the savages with its two hundred measures of melodic and rhythmic invention, Rameau surpasses all previous attempts in the field.

Emmanuelle de Negri – Emilie, Phani
Philippe Talbot – Valère, Carlos, Damon
Luigi de Donato – Bellone, Huascar, Alvar
Guillaume Andrieux – Osman, Adario
Ana Quintans – Hébé, Zima
Julie Roset – Amour

La Chapelle Harmonique (choir & orchestra)
Valentin Tournet, conductor

Friday July 26th, 2019, 9 p.m.
Festival de Beaune

Friday November 15th  2019, 8 p.m.
Opéra royal de Versailles