Valentin Tournet

The Voices of the Viol


At the dawn of his twentieth anniversary, Valentin Tournet offers to viola da gamba lovers an introduction to its best composers: Marin Marais, violist of King Louis XIV, his master Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe and all those who made this instrument shine throughout Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

At that time, no distinction was made between ”traditional” and “scholarly” music.

As a matter of fact, tuning the bass viol in the manner of lyra-viol with the Bagpipes tuning will allow the imitation of bagpipes, as we find examples in the Manchester Gamba book, the largest extant manuscript of solo viol music.

You will hear in this program the grace and the beauty of this music, which let us dive into a surprising universe, full of emotions and tenderness, of fantasy and enchantment, of heartbreaks and joy. Therein lies the charm of the viola da gamba: it conveys the deeply fragile human soul.

Valentin Tournet, viola da gamba
5 August 2018, 17h30
Les Théophanies, Rieux-Minervois