Who we are

La Chapelle Harmonique has chosen to develop its mediation actions. Beyond the time of the concert, these dedicated moments allow us to transmit our attachment to music. We are particularly attentive to pedagogical actions to allow young people to discover baroque music through workshops, meetings or educational concerts. In the academies of Limoges and Versailles, we are involved in different courses.

For whom ?

Mediation actions: all audiences, music lovers or people far from culture, students or members of associations. Around a concert, at a given moment, in a repeated way in cycle of meetings or in a specific intervention, let us dialogue around the music.

Educational actions: These actions are for all young audiences in schools, from kindergarten to high school. By weaving links with the school programs, discover the world differently via music.

Mediation actions

Aimed at the public with the organizers or local associations, the mediation actions make it possible to extend the time of the concert, to dress it up with a contact between public and artists. Meetings, workshops, privileged exchange time or listening initiation, several forms are possible according to the calendar, the artists concerned and the concert program.

Educational actions 

The mediation actions can take different forms such as workshops, presentations, initiations to baroque instruments or educational concerts. We are able to propose different formats, while preferring to co-construct with the teams of the structures.

For more information : https://chapelleharmonique.com/actions-pedagogiques/

Outils pour les enseignants & accompagnants
We create pedagogical files around the concerts, available to teachers and accompanying persons to prepare this meeting. You will find all the information about the instruments, the musicians and the workshop.
Contacts :
Geneviève PUNGIER
Artist dedicated to the accompaniment of educational actions
+33 7 87 24 75 70


The aim of these activities is to introduce everyone to the music and instruments of the Baroque period.