In vino musica



From opera, we know the innumerable philters and miraculous potions that tormented souls wrest from each other through the acts. Of melody, we enjoy the sighs where the poet’s soul is pampered by love and nature. Of tavern’s arias, we retain enthusiasm and fit of sauciness… But what a delight to find, at the heart of these scores, through a reply, a recitative, a serenade, or a song: the praise of wine!

During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, censorship and decency would rather forbid to display such a beverage on stage. Over and above the fact that exhibiting the deprivation of a drunken man is improper, the sole act of drinking – a truly common act destined to fulfill a physical need only – couldn’t possibly belong to a music aimed to upraise spirits. While widely and daily consumed by aristocracy and bourgeoisie, wine could appear vulgar and unsightly…

That was without considering the prominence of antiquity in composer’s imagery: from Athens to Rome, bacchanals, bacchantes, Bacchic processions, were an integral part of the scenery! Bacchus invited himself gladly in the scores’ concert and intruded himself in melodies and drinking songs, not without mischief and sauciness. That was also without considering the taste for libertinage, which would find in wine (and in singing societies, pubs, theatres and court’s musics) a precious partner. Last but not least, the buffa inspiration present in a myriad of scores naturally calls for wine, as great ally of burlesque and hilarious situations. In the end, wine and music together would guarantee laughter and joviality. Composers and artists thus saw it as the recipe for success. Wine – either young or old, delicious or infamous, source of virtue or depravation – thus irrigated number of scores.

We have here collected a delightful selection of these scores.

And around these music pieces from Lully, Rameau, Clérambault, Bataille, Lambert, Boësset… wine will be tasted itself during the concert. Patiently chosen in direct echo with the notes, the crus will allow the audience to extend its musical trip. In vino musica !

Laurent Croizier


Laurent Croizier, présentation
Élodie Fonnard, soprano
Cyril Costanzo, baryton

La Chapelle Harmonique (musiciens)
Valentin Tournet, direction


Lundi 6 septembre 2021
Château de Pressac, Saint-Émilion

Samedi 20 novembre 2021
Salon du Livre Gourmand, Périgueux

Samedi 22 janvier 2022, 20h30
La Source, Le Bouscat

Jeudi 9 juin 2022, 21h
Jardin du Musée d’Art et d’archéologie, Guéret